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Panzram, "Cold Soul with Firebreath" official music video

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From the album, "Black Hearted Battery" (2020) Available everywhere this October panzram2.bandcamp.com @officialpanzram facebook.com/officialpanzram Music : Khasmist and Ezezu Vocal scorn: Ezezu Engineering and Force of Will: Hexx Directed by: Ezezu Lyrics: Cold soul With firebreath it feeds Lust control Terror form Smoke controlled Wings of mold Bastard knife Sacrifice Hopped up ogried Break out my blood scream All burned to death by the fire ... breath Chewed mange Fearsome to behold Singe to touch Midas rot Scrapes near As it's dragging feet Panic struck Wrists you cut Fire chewed morte infused hurried hell tortures now Call us wolves Some...
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