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There's 'Too Many White People' | Ep 201

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The University of Virginia's new multicultural center experiences an influx of "white people." The coronavirus is labeled a bigger threat than terrorism by the World Health Organization. ► Click HERE to subscribe to BlazeTV! https://get.blazetv.com/chad-prather/ Connect with Chad on Social Media: https://twitter.com/WatchChad https://www.instagram.com/watchchad/ http://facebook.com/watchchadprather About Chad Prather: Chad Prather is known for his way with words. He is a comedian, armchair philosopher, musician, and observational humorist. Often called “the modern day Will Rogers” and “the voice of the everyman,” Chad brings you his armchair philosophy and observational humor four times a week. Politics, inspiration, comedy, and fun — nothing is...
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