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EL ,EL Why Hast thou Forsaken Me?? Scorpion Race took US HOSTAGE

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Jesus Called the FATHER ((((EL))))) CASED CLOSED!!! We are the Fallen Angels -Elohiym_ and El came as ImannuEL (with us is EL-God) because He wants to save His Children that were led ASTRAY!!! Mat 27:46  AndG1161 aboutG4012 theG3588 ninthG1766 hourG5610 JesusG2424 criedG310 with a loudG3173 voice,G5456 saying,G3004 ((((((((((((((((((((((((Eli,G2241 Eli,G2241)))))))))))))))))))))) lamaG2982 sabachthani?G4518 that is to say,G5123 MyG3450 God,G2316 myG3450 God,G2316 whyG2444 hast thou forsakenG1459 me?G3165  ((Eli,G2241 Eli,G2241)) (( My God My God )) (( H410 H410)) ( EL.EL) G2241 ἠλί ēli ay-lee' Of Hebrew origin ([H410] with pronoun suffix); my God: - Eli.
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