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Spirituality, Divine Energy, Divinity: HIs Holiness Younus AlGohar in Toronto 2017

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http://goharshahi.us A very special Liquid Lunch, a conversation with HH Younus AlGohar of the Messiah Foundation, in town to discuss unity, unification, and speaking strongly against terrorism of any kind. HH discusses the efforts of the Messiah Foundation to de-radicalize Islamic youth in the UK, using live internet streaming and daily online talks. It's all about Love, coming from the Heart, and topics include: going with the flow, geopolitics, the refugee crisis, recent events in Syria, France, Britain, and elsewhere. Includes a musical performance by Sufi Nadeem, also visiting Toronto from the U.K. Liquid Lunch 2017-04a-19 HH Younus AlGohar in...
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